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valve actuation mounting hardware - Gallery

bettis g5 mounting hardware
adapter flanges 2
adapter flanges
pneumatic to wedgegate mounting hardware
eim g series to a butterfly valve
grove g12 eim
vanessa extensions 1
vanessa extensions 2
vanessa extensions 3
vanessa extensions 4
vanessa extensions 5
vanessa extensions 6
choke mounting hardware
custom eim mounting hardware
custom adapter 1
custom adapter 2
custom mounting hardware 2
custom mounting hardware 3
custom mounting hardware
go switches mounted on gate valve
hytork 2 butterfly valves
hytork mounting hardware 2
hytork mounting hardware
large coupling
large extension parts
linear actuator mounting hardware
pneumatice to wedgegate mounting hardware
silver bullet positioner mounting hardware
threaded eim 4000(5000)

machining - Gallery

machinist hard at work
2 couplings
aluminum bronze drive nut 1
adapter plate
aluminum bronze drive nut 2
checking coupling
counterboring adapter plate
cutting a fisher spline coupler 2
cutting a fisher spline coupler 4
cutting a fisher spline coupler 5
cutting a fisher spline coupler
drive nut 1
drive nut 2
large coupling
machining coupling
machining flanges
machining stem 10
machining stem 2
machining stem 3
machining stem 4
machining stem 5
machining stem 6
machining stem 7
machining stem 8
machining stem 9
machining stem
machining valve stem
measuring large coupling
polished fisher coupling 1
polished fisher coupling 2
polished fisher coupling 3
polished fisher coupling 4
polished fisher coupling 5
polished coupling 2
polished coupling
straightening cylinder

welding - Gallery

arc welding 1
welding coupling 2
cutting a fisher spline coupler 3
welding coupling
welding spool 1
welding spool 2
welding spool 3